Subjectivism about an area holds that reality in that area is subjective, that is, it is determined by the subject. Global subjectivism is the view that each person determines the whole of reality for him or herself. This view, though widely accepted outside the philosophical community today, has not found favour within it. More limited kinds of subjectivism have found philosophical adherents: ethical subjectivists hold that each person determines what is right and what is wrong for him or her, and aesthetic subjectivists hold that each person determines what is beautiful and what is ugly for him or her. Christian philosophers have tended to reject ethical subjectivism as incompatible with the Bible's emphasis on the objectivity of sin in God's eyes; there seems also to be a case that what is beautiful and what is ugly are similarly objective in God's eyes.
   Further reading: Farber 1959; Murphy, Richard T. 1979; Williams, Bernard A. O. 1993

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